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Traditional music serves a ritual function, far from the entertainment spectacle. Trying to replicate, note by note, these music pieces outside their context in a performance hall will never fulfill their initial purpose, which is primarily a quest for unity and connection in both our physical and spiritual reality.The only way to serve the spirit […]

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Jorge Milchberg

Through his work, Maestro Jorge Milchberg is a “integrator”; he masterfully connected different musical styles to harmoniously coexist. Firstly, we see the reflection of his academic background in the delicate treatment of sound and expression in every note. On the other hand, his Argentine and Latin American identity shines through in the rhythms and melodies

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1980, a new beginning

Urubamba opened the doors to the “New Andean Folklore“ In 1982, Urubamba embarked on a historic triumphant tour in Argentina, initiating a new approach to folklore. Urubamba, 1982, Auditorio Belgrano, Buenos AiresJorge Milchberg – Lucho Gonzales – Jorge Cumbo – Hernan Pagola – Pablo Trosman The following video is a very personal version of El

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1973, Urubamba and Paul Simon

After the international success of the song El Condor Pasa (played by Los Incas, sung by Simon), Paul Simon invited Jorge Milchberg to tour with him in the U.S and Japan in 1973. The next year they recorded the album Urubamba at A&R Studios in New York with :Jorge Milchberg : Charango, artistic directorUña Ramos :

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