Olivier Milchberg

Olivier Milchberg with Quena and Guitar

Olivier, son of Jorge Milchberg, began his musical career with Los Incas and Urubamba at the age of 18.

“I was born in Paris, and grew up immersed in the best of Andean folklore of that time: my father Jorge rehearsed at home with other musicians such as Uña Ramos, Jorge Cumbo (my mentor on the Quena), the Arguedas brothers (with whom I learned to blow the Sikus), and then Pablo Trosman who taught me all his guitar parts before I definitively joined the group. Starting humbly on the bombo and guitar, I gradually gained confidence on the flutes as a soloist and improviser.
I spent an entire life learning from my father, receiving and giving.
In Europe, it was Los Incas, with Horacio Crego, Lucio Godoy, then Rob Yaffee, in Argentina it was Urubamba, the same spirit and repertoire, with Pablo Trosman, Fidel Guigui, Maria Elena Medina…
I was fortunate to travel extensively and encounter other musical cultures, which naturally led me to production, my second passion.
Today, I run production (www.musavida.com) in parallel with projects where I perform as a musician and artistic director.
And among all the artistic projects underway, there is one that holds particular symbolic importance: Urubamba.
Urubamba is an open concept, an artistic and philosophical exploration of Andean music, a meticulous approach guided by great experience as well as unbridled curiosity and enthusiasm.
It is an honor and great responsibility for me to continue to bring to life the immense body of work and innovative artistic approach of Jorge Milchberg, much of which is unknown to the public…”

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