Fidel Guigui

Fidel Guigui (winds) has been a member of Urubamba since 2005.

“When I was 13, my mother came home with a record she had heard while passing by one of the many record stores on Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires. She liked it and bought it. It was the Urubamba album produced by Paul Simon. The impact that music had on me was incredible; it completely amazed me. I picked out some melodies from that album on a recorder, an instrument I later replaced with the quena and the sikus.
In 2005, Pablo Trosman, with whom I had already made some music, called me to invite me to join Urubamba. I perfectly remember the joy of that moment. From there, we began rehearsing and doing some performances at friends’ houses, until in November of that year, we played at the Teatro Alvear. It was a wonderful experience.
Since that moment, I have tried to live up to the music that Urubamba proposes. For me, it has been an immense learning experience to share every rehearsal and concert. I have always observed with admiration the level of enthusiasm and commitment Jorge Milchberg had towards the music. I consider him one of the most important artists in this country. I feel privileged to have been close to him for so many years. Since last year, we have reformed the group without Jorge, and we have taken on the challenge of interpreting his pieces and arrangements, but above all, of recapturing the spirit with which this music was composed and performed.”

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