Pablo Trosman

Pablo Trosman met Jorge Milchberg in 1978. A few months later, Jorge invited him to Europe to tour with his group Los Incas. During this time, a deep friendship formed between Jorge and Pablo, as well as a fruitful collaboration that would last for years. Pablo, with his open and innovative guitar playing, found a privileged place under Jorge’s artistic direction, and this extremely enriching experience marked the beginning of his long career. He contributed to the creation of pieces such as “Cancion de Cuna,” and his guitar arrangements enriched the repertoire of Los Incas and Urubamba, which were performed for decades.
In 1981, Pablo was part of Urubamba’s triumphant tour in Argentina (under the direction of Jorge Milchberg, with Lucho González, Jorge Cumbo, Hernan Pagola), and later participated in the recording of the album “Un pedazo de infinito” in Buenos Aires. He has regularly collaborated with Urubamba since then, especially in their concert at the Teatro Alvear in 2005 (with Olivier Milchberg, Fidel Guigui, Montse Ruano).
Today, he collaborates with Olivier Milchberg to maintain and evolve the “Urubamba spirit” instilled by Jorge Milchberg, meaning an approach to folklore that evolves beyond time and borders.

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